The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. It is the place of receiving nourishment, chatting about your day while glancing in the fridge, going on a goose chase trying to find that one missing spatula, and preparing plates full of love, tradition, and celebration. The kitchen is where family bonds are strengthened and grumbling tummies are put to bliss.

Who are we kidding, it has the snacks…of course it’s the best room in the house!

Read below to find out a few extra ways to mix up a good time with your family in the kitchen. 

The Lunch Box

Ah yes, the one thing that every kid needs…and is undoubtedly always left in the car…the lunch box. Parents everywhere spend an insurmountable amount of time toiling over bread and sandwich meat to make sure their little ones have nutrition to get them through the day. Getting the kids involved in making their lunches can actually serve a bunch of different purposes. First, it lightens parent’s workload (insert sigh of relief here). It also teaches kids about how to prepare healthy meals to make them big and strong. Allowing them to pick fun and nutritious options gives them a sense of independence and a feeling of accomplishment when they pack it all up and enjoy it later! They’ll be excited about what’s inside and the odds the contents will end up in tummies rather than the trash bin is much higher. Don’t forget to add a few CheeseCrisps from John Wm. Macy’s as an extra special surprise at recess for your growing little ones. 

Little Helpers

No kid can resist the fun job of being the taste tester in the kitchen (it’s a very important job, after all). But maybe they’re ready for a bit more responsibility. Perhaps they have leveled up to be mom and dad’s little sous chefs. Your kids can help measure ingredients to work on their counting skills, get out some of that energy by running back and forth to the pantry for ingredients, and build up all those big kid muscles by stirring to the beat of some fun tunes. Cooking is a team effort, might as well put that secret ingredient of love into your treats with the ones you love the most!

Kids’ Cookbook

There are lots of kids’ cookbooks on the market filled with fun pictures and easy to follow instructions to get kids excited about getting creative in the kitchen. Made to inspire and pique their curiosity, kids will learn about healthy living and the importance of lending a hand when trying to make something special. One or two nights a week (if you’re feeling adventurous) it could be interesting to let the kids pick out the dinner menu! Figuring out some new favorite recipes might just be the key to them becoming members of the clean plate club!

Homemade Pizza Night

Everybody loves pizza! It’s the dinner that screams straight A’s on the report card and a “great job, champ,” after the Sunday soccer game. The one thing about pizza is that take-out can get pretty expensive. Enter homemade pizza night, the perfect solution to the take-out pizza blues! It’s no surprise that something tastes better when you make it yourself. Also, making it at home can be a family event. From swirling the pizza sauce, to molding the dough, to sprinkling the cheese and toppings on top, everyone can have a hand in making it how they like it, guaranteeing a happy dinner. This family activity is great because it not only promotes family togetherness, but teaches kids to help out with family responsibilities and take ownership for something they created. Don’t forget, nothing complements a cheesy pizza like the perfect crunch of a John Wm. Macy’s snack on the side!

Being a family company, we at John Wm. Macy’s know the importance of gathering in a kitchen and spending quality time together around a table. It was this mindset that built our small business from the ground up and supported the successful relationships we have with all of you. So, we implore everyone who enjoys our snacks to find ways to experience the feelings we do every day in our kitchen! You’ll never regret the time you spend with your loved ones!

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