The holiday season is upon us, Crunch Crew! This time of year is about spending quality time with your family and friends with good food, spirits, and holiday cheer! Whether you are hosting a holiday party or attending as a guest, we have the perfect, customizable, and fool-proof appetizer that is guaranteed to be a hit with your holiday company! We here at John Wm. Macy’s have put together a guide to building the perfect charcuterie board for all your holiday entertaining needs!

Finding Your Perfect Platter

Picking the base for your charcuterie is an essential part of building your board! Charcuterie can often double as a centerpiece, so it is crucial to find a board large and sturdy enough to carry the weight of this show-stopping appetizer. We prefer to use a wood cutting board, as it provides a solid foundation and gives your spread a rustic aesthetic.

Charcuterie Board 1

An Ode to Cheese

With the many different types and flavor variations of cheese there are, your options are endless. The key to choosing the best cheeses is all in the texture! A good rule of thumb is to have at least one soft, one hard, and one crumbly cheese. Start with your soft cheeses – we love a classic creamy brie or a soft and sweet goat cheese. Next, move on to your hard cheeses; our go-to’s are a classic sharp cheddar or a crisp, nutty manchego. Lastly, we finish with a crumbly, tart blue cheese. Place your cheeses on your board first, leaving a few inches between them, to leave room for the rest of your ingredients.

Charcuterie Board 2

Mouth-watering Meats

Nothing pairs better with your favorite cheese than mouth-watering dried meats. Prosciutto and salami are two of our favorite additions to a charcuterie board. You can carefully position your prosciutto to flow like a river cascading down your board, or turn your salami into a simple yet chic rose! Take any cup or glass you might have handy and fold a piece of salami around the rim. You want half of the piece to be hanging outside of the glass, and the other half in. Layer your salami like this around the glass, continuing until the hole in the center of your rose is covered. Carefully flip the top end of your glass with the meat on to your board. Then, remove your glass and you are left with a savory salami flower that is sure to impress!

Charcuterie Board 3

Elevate Your Add-Ons

Now that your cheeses and meats are situated, it is time to arrange your add-ons. Get out your favorite tiny dishes and fill them with some extras that might not fit on your board – think of your favorite dips, spreads, or other finger foods! We prefer some salty olives, sweet and crunchy baby pickles, and hot honey to add a little bit of spice.

The Base for Your Perfect Bite

How else would we finish off our charcuterie than with our very own delectable John Wm. Macy’s crackers? First, we like to add our classic John Wm. Macy’s Asiago Cheddar Cheesecrips. Then, for the perfect neutral base for your sweet or savory cracker build, we go for our John Wm. Macy’s Sea Salt & Olive Oil Grilled Crostini Toasts. Lastly, we like to finish off with our John Wm. Macy’s Original Cheddar Cheesesticks. Serve them as is, or wrapped in prosciutto for a flavor combo that will have your taste buds begging for more!

Fresh Finishing Touches

Fill in the empty space on your board with the finest of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables! This time of year we like to go for vibrant pomegranate, juicy pears, and tangy orange slices. The vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables are sure to brighten up your charcuterie board. If you have any room left on your board, you can fill in the empty space with some dried fruits, nuts, and even some sweets!

Charcuterie Board 4

Remember to take a photo of your picture-perfect board before serving, because it is sure to be devoured instantly!

We hope you enjoyed hearing our best tips on building your finest charcuterie board and we can’t wait to see the charcuterie board you create, too! Tag us on social media @johnwmmacys if you make your own charcuterie for the holidays, and let us know your best tips and tricks to getting a photo-worthy board!

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