Cool, comfy, and cozy…three perfect words to pair with the perfect crunch. When the air starts to get crisp in the fall, people seem to turn their attention to warm and gooey comfort included.

Here are a few fall dishes to satisfy your hunger, make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this winter, and leave you craving a good snack all the more.

Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a favorite of just about everyone. Even though we all have a go-to recipe for this age-old staple, this version has a bit of a twist that makes it a must-try. Adding butternut squash to macaroni and cheese takes an already wonderful dish to the next level. Butternut squash has a flavor that is both sweet and savory, so it is the perfect addition to macaroni and cheese. An added benefit for this dish is that it is a great way to sneak some veggies to your kids. They’ll never know they’re eating something that’s this good for them. In fact, they’ll ask for this dish time and time again, so be sure to have the ingredients on-hand in the front of your pantry. Get the Recipe >

Brats and Beer Cheddar Chowder

Soup soothes the throat, satisfies the tummy, and warms the soul. No wonder it always seems to be a fall favorite. This particular cheesy chowder is something undeniably special. It combines favorite fall flavors of bratwurst, cheese, and beer (as the name suggests). These flavors all come together and meld into golden goodness. It is the perfect soup to warm you up after a busy afternoon of raking leaves, playing football or picking some crisp apples. Be sure to make a double batch so you can have leftovers (rookie mistake if you don’t, if I do say so myself) and do not forget to top it off with some crunchy cheese snacks to add yet another dimension to this superb soup. Get the Recipe >

Jack Cheese and Smoky Chipotle Fondue

If you are looking for a cheesy dip with a Southwestern flair, then this fondue is the dip for you. Fondue has come a long way since the ‘70s, and this cheese-lover’s dream is proof of that fact. It combines Monterey Jack cheese with sour cream and then adds chipotle peppers and bacon for a decidedly smoky flavor. It earns some points for versatility too! You can serve it as an appetizer for a large party to welcome in the autumn season or make it the star attraction for an intimate party of two. Either way, just whip this fondue up, and you’re ready to dip tortilla chips, crusty bread, or your favorite cheese sticks. YUM! Get the Recipe >

Short Ribs Over Cheesy Polenta

Fall is the ideal time of year to pull out your slow cooker. That way, while your dinner is doing its own thing, you can do yours out and about in the beautiful autumn weather. This delicious dish of short ribs and cheesy polenta will fill you right up, leaving you smiling and more than ready for a fantastic nap. This yummy fall supper is a snap to put together and smells fabulous while it’s cooking. But, the flavor is where everything is at with this one. Both the short ribs and the polenta are so delicious that you won’t know which one to eat first. Get the Recipe >

Triangle Ranch Creamed Corn

This rich dish takes an ordinary vegetable and makes it the life of the party. The eggs and cheese add a velvety smoothness, and the green chili peppers give it just enough spice to make the flavor exciting. The crushed saltine crackers give the scrumptious side dish just the right amount of saltiness. If you really want to kick it up, mix some crushed cheese crackers in for an extra bite. You’ll never want to eat canned or frozen corn niblets again.  Get the Recipe >


Too many people south of the northern border have never heard of poutine. However, many Canadians consider it a delicacy. If you are among the many state-siders who aren’t familiar with poutine, you need to pay close attention to this recipe. It is simply goodness on top of fries on top of goodness on top of cheese on top of more goodness. Poutine takes ordinary French fries and turns them into something next to heaven by adding gravy and cheese curds. You’ll love it so much you’ll make it year-round! Plus, you’ll be glad you won’t have to pick up and head to our friendly neighbor to the north for a poutine fix.

Fall presents an opportunity to indulge in rich and satisfying flavors. Take the opportunity to make some of these mouthwatering recipes and don’t forget to add some John Wm. Macy’s CheeseCrisps and CheeseSticks to your fall menu. These delicious snacks are a great addition to any autumn day so order yours online now!  Get the Recipe >

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