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Have Some Musical Fun While Making Appetizers For Parties

Preparing for parties is a lot of work. You select your menu, shop, spend lots of time cooking appetizers for parties. But do you have any fun while doing it? There's nothing like some fabulous new music to help you get into the mood.

the-art-of-appetizers-199x300.jpgGetting ready

Rushing around cleaning and preparing can cause some stress. What helps to relax you better than music? If you've worn yourself out getting ready, you can also energize yourself with some tunes.

It's the perfect party attitude adjustment.

You probably have your iPod list ready to go. Sometimes, though, selecting some new songs could be just the thing you need to make your party stand out.

Not sure what to select? We found a great site that helps, not only with finding new tunes, but also new recipes and information about food.

A Little Help

Take a look at Here you'll find recipes for all sorts of foods, like roasted tomatillo salsa or apricot and vanilla bean jam. You'll also see music recommendations from artists like Matthew Dear, Turtle Giant, and Divine Fits.

kitchen-dance1-300x199.jpgThis site also offers boxed sets you can bring as a hostess gift, or keep for yourself. It includes a dry ingredient or two, a digital mixtape, and a 7-inch vinyl single – very retro!

What I like about the whole idea is the notion that food and music do go together.

The event

It's almost hard to separate the artistry of food and music. They create a mood, or 'flavor' if you will. A silent party just doesn't have the same panache as one with carefully selected songs playing quietly, or not so quietly in the background.

Dinner music, wandering musicians in restaurants, piped in muzak in some eateries. It's universal. It makes sense. I always play dinner music. I tend to base it on the crowd, as I know what most of my friends appreciate.

It also depends on the purpose. Is it a small quiet dinner, or a larger, buffet style mixer?

tunes-and-food-300x200.jpgThe chorus

Either way, the perfect blend of music and food should make the event special. Whether people notice the music, or simply feel its effect, it creates a sensation that most people respond to positively.

It's also a good conversation starter. People can ask about new songs they haven't heard, or the more musically inclined might discuss the influences they hear.

So, whether you want to help yourself get into the spirit, don't just take time to select appetizers for parties, or dishes for dinner. Take a moment to consider the sounds. Try something that will mix well with the sounds of conversation and laughter.