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Twice-Baked CheeseSticks Gourmet Snacks

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John Wm. Macy is dedicated to bringing you the tastiest, crunchiest gourmet cheese snacks available. Our award-winning, twice-baked CheeseSticks are made with wholesome, natural ingredients.  We don't use artificial flavors, colors or chemicals. Made from multiple layers of sourdough, premium aged cheeses and carefully selected spices, CheeseSticks are hand-twisted and baked twice to produce a superior alternative to bread sticks, cheese straws and other baked cheese snacks. We like to call it "the perfect crunch!"

Choose from five tantalizing varieties: Original Cheddar, Melting Parmesan, Garlic Romano, Dijon Swiss and Cheddar & Scallion CheeseSticks. Or try one of our assortments and see why CheeseSticks are replacing bread sticks for those who care about taste and texture.