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So many recipes to enjoy... try one!

We are not surprised at how popular and loved John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps and SweetSticks have become over the years. That unique crunchiness coupled with 100% aged cheeses and select spices is truly delicious!  But we are surprised at how many ways our customers are using them, besides right out of the box for snacking.  They are found in appetizers, entrées and desserts, bringing that unique crunch and taste to many traditional recipes, taking them to new, delicious heights.   We’ve collected and tried many recipes and have put together the best for you to try.  So when you want something simple, easy and that surprises your family and friends, try one... or two or three! You’ll be very happy with the results! 


Every get together should begin with something special.  It sets the tone for the entire meal. Whether just for yourself, family or guests, these appetizers are sure to please, and leave everyone wanting more.  Besides the plated appetizers presented here (some of which could also be entrées), we have also listed on our Wine Pairing Page some cocktail canapés, using the CheeseCrisps as a base for some delectible special toppings.  Download our “Cocktails in a Crunch” brochure for quick and easy canapé recipes.


This is the heart of every meal, the entrée.  You want it to be memorable, delicious and satisfying.  That was the goal of all of our customers who provided us with the recipes on our Entrée Recipe Page.  And they were very successful!  Plus, they are very easy to manage. From Dijon Crusted Salmon with Mango Salsa to Apricot Almond Meatballs and beyond, they are truly unique and delicious, just like the CheeseSticks and CheeseCrisps that are an essential part of the recipe.  But make enough for seconds, you’ll need them.  Enjoy!  


No matter how delicious the entrée is, people always finish a dinner talking about the dessert. These recipes won’t let you down.  In fact, they will elevate your culinary skills to a new, delectible level.  So easy, yet so successful.  Our customers really went all out and gave us great recipes to pass on.  The Cinnamon Banana Cake... awesome!  The SweetSticks Tuscan Tiramisu... remarkable!  The Simple Dutch Chocolate Raspberry Parfait... sinful!  You’re going to love all of these and your family will think you’re a genius in the kitchen!

Wine Pairing

When you are in the mood for a nice bottle of wine, why not enjoy your favorite John Wm. Macy’s snack with it.  But which CheeseStick or CheeseCrisp best suits your choice of wine?  We were happy (very happy) to try various wines to find the best fit. Some wines are bold, others light, some woody and others fruity, but each has a recommended pairing.  This guide is intended to offer our suggestions, but don’t let it limit your choices.  Each palate is different.  Planning a cocktail party or get together?  We have added some canapé recipes to the page.  For more suggestions download our “Cocktails in a Crunch” brochure.