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Let Us Entertain You - The CheeseSticks Blog

We’re a chatty bunch and like to share information, thoughts and tips.  So let’s talk about recipes, lifestyles, entertaining, cocktails and party snack ideas. Let us know what you think!   

The Perfect Crunch Can Liven Up Your Lunch

Looking for a break from the ho-hum lunch? Yes, we are all guilty of throwing together the routine sandwich, fruit, chips, and a drink. Maybe we go wild and throw in some pasta salad. So dull, and so, well, soft. Try putting…more

Who Else Wants to Discover Their Perfect Snack?

Understanding how to create a special gathering is an art. It's not only about what you serve, but how you serve it. John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, and SweetSticks are the perfect gourmet and baked snack answer…more

Now You Can Have the Perfect Snack
Now You Can Have the Perfect Snack

Foodies, sophisticated partiers and healthy snack aficionados, welcome to a new blog dedicated to one goal, one lofty ideal, one dream among impossible dreams... We refer, of course, to the quest for the perfect snack!…more