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Blog Posts : mixology and drinks

it's Tom Collins Season!

Springtime is finally here, which means it is time for cocktails with soda water. The patriarch of this category is the Tom Collins, a cocktail so ubiquitous they named a glass after it.  This indispensable classic epitomizes…more

The Moscow Mule - Vodka with a Kick

Although it is one of the most popular spirits in the world, there are not many classic vodka cocktails. This may be the main reason that the Moscow Mule – invented in the 1940s – has swept through the drinking world like a…more

Make That A Hot Brown Buttered Rum!

Hot Buttered Rum is a drink that makes ears perk up. Even if you’ve never tasted one, hearing the words “hot”, “buttered”, and “rum” strung together usually conjures up visions of a decadent, soothing libation almost too…more

The Perfect Irish Coffee

Some classic drinks have such an outsized reputation that it leads to a slight disappointment the first time you try them (the Singapore Slings come to mind), but Irish coffee is not one of these drinks.  It is enormously…more

Merry Merry Tom and Jerry

When considering which drinks to serve at a holiday gathering, my mind generally goes in one of two directions.  Eggnog, or something hot like mulled wine or cider.  But what if you wanted both?  Allow me to introduce you to…more


“Here We Come a-Wassailing” was not one of the Christmas carols I grew up with. So I never gave wassail much thought. But that was before I learned that the song referred to a drink that had been around for a thousand years.…more

Swap the Sweetener!

One of the easiest ways to create a new cocktail is to change the sweetener, which almost every cocktail requires in some capacity. The basic sweetener is simple syrup, equal parts sugar and water. But sweeteners like honey,…more

All About Wine: Tasting Wine at Vineyards and at Home

Wine tasting is a popular activity these days. Many people like to take the opportunity to try a variety of different wines to see which ones are most appealing. Keep reading to learn more about wine tasting.more

Mixing Up Some Sangria

When it comes to serving mixed drinks to a group, there’s perhaps nothing better than sangria.  It’s a crowd-pleaser that everyone knows, it’s easy (and cheap) to prepare in large batches and is relatively low in alcohol,…more

Cocktail Time at the Olympics - Caipirinha

I didn’t have to think very hard to come up with an Olympics-themed cocktail. It’s Brazil’s drink of choice – the Caipirinha (KAI-per-EEN-yah).   It’s a refreshing classic perfect for the Summer Games – or any summer related…more

The Relationship Between White Wine and Cheese

You might be surprised to find out that white wine can be made with both white and red grapes. The huge difference between white and red wine isn't the grapes - it's the way that white wines are fermented (without the grape…more

Red, Red Wine

Red, red wine you make me feel so fine . . . It’s easy to pour a glass of red wine to enjoy with dinner. But, have you ever wondered about that beautiful crimson-colored liquid? Like all wines, it is made from grapes.…more

The True Mai Tai

Want to stump a crowd?  Ask what’s in a Mai Tai. Even the internet gets it wrong. That is because most people haven’t had a real Mai Tai, which is a shame. For those of you reading this, that ends now.more

Beat the Heat with a Bourbon Smash

Whiskey is arguably the king of cocktail spirits, but it’s not first spirit that comes to mind when you’re looking for something refreshing on a hot summer day.  When it gets warm, whiskey generally takes a back seat to the…more

Meet the Green Giant

When I create a new cocktail, I judge it on four merits: originality, accessibility, deliciousness (naturally), and, once the drink hits the menu, popularity.  The first three are somewhat within my control, but the fourth is…more

Don’t be Bitter – Enjoy a Negroni

In life, bitterness a bad thing. It’s not usually welcome in food, either, though it makes appearances from time to time. But in cocktails, bitterness is just another dimension of flavor. For many of us, it’s a flavor that we…more

Sazerac – A New Orleans Classic

New Orleans is famous for its lively drinking culture and has given rise to many memorable cocktails.  Its flagship, and the official libation of the Crescent City, is the Sazerac. At the turn of the twentieth century, it was…more

Re-introducing the Original Martini

The Martini is the most iconic cocktail of all time.  The image of the glass – usually drawn in neon lights – is a symbol for cocktails in general. What's remarkable is that there is no established recipe for the Martini. I…more

Four Festive Infusions for the Holidays

Looking add something little extra special to your cocktail party? An infusion is your answer. Last summer we were using strawberries, peaches and cucumbers.  But holiday season is the season of baking spices. Below are four…more

Thanksgiving Cocktails with a Culinary Touch

Just before Thanksgiving last year, someone asked me to recommend a punch recipe that would take a long time to prepare. I did not understand at first, but the more I thought about it, I could see that Thanksgiving and the…more

Seven Must-Have Items for a Patio Bar Cart

There is still plenty of time to entertain outside before the weather gets too cold. Now is the perfect time to get out your portable bar cart and throw an outdoor cocktail party. Make sure your bar cart is ready for your…more

“Ghoul-icious” Halloween Cocktails

For most people, Halloween cocktails are in a category of their own.  As long as they taste like candy and look appropriately gruesome – think bloody red with eye balls floating in it – they are right on target. This…more

4 Great Cocktails for a Smooth Transition into Autumn

Fall may be in the air, with the days getting shorter and Oktoberfest and Pumpkin spice lattes out in full force.  But while summer’s warmth lingers, it just doesn’t feel quite right to me.  After all, the seasons don’t…more

4 Essential Infusions for Summer Cocktails

Infusing a spirit is one of the best and easiest ways to add a new flavor to a cocktail.  The method couldn’t be simpler – combine the ingredient with your spirit of choice and let them sit.  How long depends on what you’re…more

Make Frozen Drinks Like a Pro

In the summer when the heat goes from hot to sweltering, just shaking a cocktail with ice isn’t enough. Blender drinks have garnered a bad rap at the hands of synthetic premixes and slushy machines, but if you use fresh…more

Three Great Bottles for Cocktails with Dad

Planning on giving Dad a nice bottle of booze for Father’s Day? Why not take it a step further? Give him the bottle and make a high-class cocktail to enjoy with him. I’ve picked three top tier bottles Dad might not have in…more

Three Simple and Delicious Cocktails You Can Serve By the Pitcher

Looking to offer more than just cold beer at your barbecue this weekend?  One of the easiest ways to offer delicious refreshments that will satisfy the masses is to take a favorite cocktail recipe, multiply it to fit the size…more

How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic

Spring is here! Which at my house means it’s gin and tonic season.  Along with baseball and pesto, gin & tonics are among the seasonal pleasures I look forward to most as winter draws to a close. It may seem superfluous…more

The CheeseCrisps Story - A Recollection

John Wm Macy’s CheeseSticks started with “Original” Cheddar CheeseSticks. John added products over time, generally after a careful development process.  It was different with CheeseCrisps, the bite-sized, “double cheese”…more

Shake Off the "Brrrr" with a Hot Toddy

During the most grueling weeks of winter there’s not much you can do but try and find something, anything, to help you cope.  For me, the only silver lining amidst the ice, slush, salt, biting winds and unpredictable weather…more

We'll Take Manhattans!

With the holidays behind  and the roughest part of winter ahead, I stick to the tried and true. The Manhattan is ounce for ounce my all-time favorite cocktail, edging out the Old Fashioned and daiquiri...more

Top 5 Tips for Pairing Cheese with Wine

Cheese and wine have been a notorious pair for hundreds of years. The art of the pairing has been perfected to ensure that both are complimentary and bring out the best taste qualities in one another.  The pairing of wine and…more

Noggin' Time!

The first time I set out to make eggnog, I was prepared for it to be an undertaking. I could not have been more wrong.  Making eggnog is surprisingly easy and the result is vastly superior to anything I have ever tasted from…more

It's Mulling Time!

As you consider the complex logistics of serving cocktails to your arriving Thanksgiving guests, llet me suggest an easy alternative that everyone will love, can be made a few days ahead and simply calls for putting some…more

It’s Apple Brandy Time!

Among the thousands of cocktail recipes out there, the vast majority have base spirits from just five categories: gin, rum, whiskey, tequila and vodka.  But there are several other unique and delicious spirits that are worthy…more

Back to Classics - The Old Fashioned

Each year when the first cool autumn breeze signals the change of seasons, it’s also time to reorder my liquor cabinet.  It’s a simple process –gin and white rum are pushed to the back and the whiskey moves to the front. When…more

Mixology - Punch up Your Party

Serving cocktails instead of the standard cooler of beer at a large gathering can be a bit daunting. The extra work of preparing fine cocktails may tempt you to turn to commercial cocktail mixes to streamline the job. Please…more

Watermelon - A Cocktail Enigma

If you asked people to name the three best fruits for summer cocktails, I bet that watermelon would almost always be on the list (with strawberries and either pineapple or mango filling the other two spots).  I would agree. …more

Mixology - Variations on the Classic Daiquiri

Last week we discussed and demystified the daiquiri. Today we’re going to expand outside of its traditional boundaries and explore some of the variations this cocktail has inspired. The simplicity of the basic recipe makes…more

Mixology - Anyone for Daiquiris?

Summer is here at last! It's been quite a few years since I enjoyed summer-long vacations, but as June begins to wind down there is something in the air that gives the days that lazy, laid-back vibe. In the words of DuBose…more

Mixology – Time for Mint Juleps!

My interest in horse racing is passing at best, but as the first weekend of May approaches, the Kentucky Derby pops onto my radar. Why? The Derby has its own signature cocktail! Not just any cocktail, the mint julep is one of…more

Mixology – Springtime Twists on the Classic Gimlet

Spring is finally here! There are many reasons to look forward to nature's annual rebirth. Among my favorites are lightweight jackets, baseball, and fresh, green herbs. After months of making soup and roasting root vegetables…more

Mixology – Make It French 75 for the Oscars!

I used to be a rabid movie buff.  Every year by the time the Oscar nominations were announced, I would already have seen the notable films, made all my picks and had passionate favorites.  Sadly, the Academy and I never…more

Mixology – The Perfect Super Bowl Margarita

The Super Bowl has become a national holiday and that has as much to do with the food as it does football. Typical game day offerings span a wide swath of fusion comfort food, blurring the lines among several cuisines, from…more

Winter Wine Pairings With Easy Appetizers and Meals

Comfort food cravings, rich and hearty meals, warm snack foods – eating in winter takes a turn from the lighter fare of summer. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a nice glass of wine with easy appetizers and…more