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Try Some of These Great Snacks at Your Next Pool Party

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of pool season. So, it’s time to start organizing your first pool party now. Of course you need to be sure that you have plenty of extra towels, rafts, and pool toys to keep your guests happy. But, you also need to consider food. If you are inviting your friends over for a pool party, try one of these fantastic snack recipes.


Lemon Parsley Popcorn

You know everyone loves popcorn. But, there is a good chance that everyone is bored with the “same old, same old” as you are. This recipe gives you the opportunity to stick with an old standard, but liven it up a bit. The addition of lemon and parsley gives the popcorn a fresh and new twist. You may never go back to the old, boring version again.


Beach Ball Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you want to maintain an aquatic theme to your pool party and keep your guests cool at the same time, then you need to whip up some of these adorable ice cream sandwiches. Keep the base simple by using plain store-bought sugar cookies (although you can make them from scratch if you want to). Then, decorate the tops to look like beach balls by using colored frosting. Place a healthy scoop of ice cream in between two cookies, and freeze them until you are ready to serve them. Everyone will love the extra effort it took to create these masterpieces.


Cucumber Dip

Cucumbers are a great food to eat in the warm weather. Since their water content is so high, they definitely help to keep you hydrated. But, it can be a bit mundane to have a platter full of cucumber slices out for your guests. That’s where this dip comes in. This duo gives you the cool and refreshing taste of cucumbers, but with a bit of rich creaminess that will make your taste buds smile. This dip is great for dunking cut-up veggies. If you prefer something a little more robust, try dunking some pita chips or gourmet John Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps.



Bruschetta is a perfect poolside snack because it is easily portable and it won’t make you over-full. This recipe comes together quickly and it is easy to tailor to your own tastes. Plus, the refreshing tomatoes will be ripe and delicious at this time of year. If you have a tomato garden in your backyard, this is a great way to use prepare your yield.


Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

For some reason, fruit just tastes better in the summertime. So, serving fruit at your pool party is a virtual no-brainer. This dip is the perfect way to perk up your fruit a bit. The familiar peanut taste is a favorite among many people. Plus, it has a little extra zing from the sour cream, so it is different than simply spreading peanut butter on a piece of fruit. This phenomenal dip is ideal for a kids’ party, but adults will love it too. So, feel free to serve it whenever the mood strikes you. Just be mindful of anyone with peanut allergies.


Antipasto Platter

Antipasto platters are a great addition to any pool party. They are easy to assemble, and they can be tailored to suit your own needs and tastes. You want your antipasto to be visually appealing, so include foods of different colors. Don’t forget to include some cheese and crackers as well as sliced meats and vegetables. The meats and cheese will add some heft to your platter and will help to satisfy the hunger of your guests. Include some Zesty John Wm. Macy's Cheddar & Scallion CheeseSticks. Their height will add some visual interest as well as flavor to your antipasto platter.


Watermelon Lemonade

This refreshing treat is the perfect beverage to serve at a kids’ party. The sweet watermelon and tart lemon combine perfectly with each other. It is easy to throw together and your kids will love it!



This year, try a different cocktail at your pool party. Put aside the margaritas and mojitos, and serve up a citrusy paloma instead. This traditional Mexican cocktail starts with either grapefruit juice or soda, mixed with tequila. Serve it on the rocks with a garnish of lime. It is simply delicious.


Lemon Cupcakes

Every party needs a little something sweet, and these lemon cupcakes fit the bill perfectly. They are light and airy and also provide the perfect amount of sweetness you want from a dessert. They come together quickly and everyone at your party will love the tiny twist on an old standard.

Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to have a pool party. Go dust off your bathing suit and call your friends. If you can’t make of these fabulous snacks for your party, just open a box of John Wm. Macy’s CheesSticks. They’re fabulous, won’t ruin your waistline, and make every event better.

Now that you have your snack menu set for your pool party, Thanks for reading our blog. If you would like to try some of our gourmet cheese snacks, please click here