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Fun Mocktails for Kids and Adults to Enjoy

You love cocktails, so what makes you think your kids wouldn’t love them too? Of course, kids can’t drink cocktails that contain alcohol, but they can enjoy some mocktails that are completely virgin but also delicious and fun to drink. These fun mocktails are sure to make your kids and adults happy this summer. The best part is they can easily be turned into alcoholic drinks by adding your favorite liquor.

Candy Apple Cider

You loved spiked apple cider, but your kids will love candy apple cider. This drink is easy to make and perfect to enjoy before bed. All you need is some hot apple cider and some cinnamon candy. Dissolve the candy in the cider and serve in a glass mug. Kids will love this sweet concoction. Perfect for camp outs or to enjoy on a summer night out on the porch stargazing.

Strawberry Daiquiri

The strawberry daiquiri is everyone’s favorite summer cocktail, and kids love the flavor of strawberry just as much as adults. For the kid version, simply add strawberries, ice and syrup to a blender and blend. Serve in a fun glass or cup and kids will drink these healthy and tasty mocktails right up. Daiquiris can be made with other fruit flavors as well. Some people even prefer to combine different fruits for unique tastes. Experiment and have fun with this classic drink. You really can’t go wrong.

Cherry Bomb

These cherry bombs are perfect to enjoy at the beach or by the pool and since they don’t contain any alcohol, kids can enjoy them too. To make them just combine grenadine, lemon lime soda and a cherry. You can also garnish with other fruits if desired. Serve over ice is a cocktail glass or a plastic hurricane cup.

Blue Hawaiian

Anything tropical and fruity is great for the summer. Kids love bright colors and blue drinks are always popular. This fruity blue drink looks just like the alcoholic version you might find at the pool bar or a club, but it doesn’t contain any alcohol and is perfect for kids. Simply big blue fruit punch with sparkling white grape juice a perfect summer drink that will make you feel like you are in hawaii, even if you are just poolside at home.

Pineapple Sparkler

Pineapples are refreshing and sweet and perfect for a summer cocktail or mocktail. Pineapple sparklers can be mixed with alcohol for adult drinks or enjoy as virgin drinks. They are simple to make. Simply mix pineapple chunks, lime juice, sparkling water and coconut cream together with ice in a blender. Serve with a lemon or pineapple garnish and enjoy.

Purple Paradise

This dark and delightful mocktail is not only pretty, it tastes great too. All you need to create this mocktail is some pineapple juice, blackberries and some vanilla syrup. Mixed together and pour into a martini glass. Garnish this drink with blackberries or a couple of chunks of pineapple.

Funky Fruit Punch

Kids love fruit punch and will love this recipe. Simply combine lemonade, orange juice, strawberries and ice in a blender. Pour into a glass and serve with a strawberry garnish. Be sure to service with a fun straw to make this funky fruit punch even more delightful.

Crazy Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry juice is often mixed with alcohol to create tasty cocktails, but it can be used to create drinks that don’t contain alcohol but are just as tasty. Make these mocktails by mixing cranberry juice, ginger ale and lemon-lime soda together. Pour the mixture over ice and garnish with a slice of lime.

Sherbet Punch

This is the coolest mocktail you will make this summer and it is perfect for pool parties or any event. In a large bowl, combine lemon-lime soda, sherbet and fruit punch. Add the mixture to hurricane glasses and garnish with a cherry. Kids and adult will enjoy this fruity and tropical drink all summer long.

Cocktails do not have to contain alcohol to be tasty and for those who do not drink alcohol, mocktails can be just as tasty. If you are in need to some mocktail ideas for a party or just want something cool and tasty to enjoy on the beach or beside the pool, try these fun recipe. If you do prefer alcohol, you can always add your favorite rum or tequila to them to give them a little punch. Just remember to drink responsibly.

As you know, snacks go hand-in-hand with your favorite drinks and these upscale mocktails deserve an upscale treat.

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