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Three Delicious Snacks That Cool You Down In The Summer Heat

Staying cool in the summer is not easy, especially if you are unable to stay in an air-conditioned environment the entire day. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to keep cool and one of those things is eating the right foods. Following is an overview of 3 delicious snacks that cool you down in the summer heat and how and why each one is so effective.


All fruits with high water content will help to cool you down in the summer. Even so, watermelon is one of the best options among the many fruits that you could choose in this category. Over 90% of a watermelon consists of water, which means that eating a slice will not only cool you down temporarily but also long-term.

Aside from its cooling properties, watermelon is low on calories (only 50 calories per cup), is good for your heart, contains antioxidants and can help alleviate inflammation of the joints. Watermelon can be sliced and eaten plain, or it can be mixed with other fruits to make a tasty fruit salad. It can even be juiced in a juicer.


Yogurt also has natural cooling properties and the fact that there are so many brand names, flavors and types to choose from ensures that it is not hard for anyone to find a flavor that he or she will enjoy. To get the greatest health benefits from this ideal summer snack, be sure to choose a brand that has little or no sugar and/or other additives. Natural yogurt will not only cool you down but is also rich in calcium and contains a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates. It is particularly ideal for anyone who has been working out and needs a cooling boost.

A great alternative to regular or frozen yogurt is lassi. It is a yogurt-based drink originating from India and can be made by mixing natural yogurt with ice water and/or juice. Mango lassi is particularly popular; however, the traditional version includes chopped coriander and sea salt. Lassi can easily be made at home following any one of a number of recipes available online. It can also be found for sale at certain supermarkets and restaurants that specialize in offering Indian foods and beverages.

Spicy Snacks

It may seem counter-intuitive to eat spicy food on a hot day; however, science has clearly shown that foods containing jalapeƱos, black pepper, chili sauce and other such ingredients are indeed best for anyone who wants to stay cool during the hot summer months. The reasons for this is that spicy food makes you sweat, which automatically cools down your entire body.

There are many great spicy dishes and snacks to pick from. Some great options include spicy chips, peas, peanuts, beef jerky, seaweed or cheese sticks, such as John Wm. Macy's delicious Smoked Jalapeno CheeseCrisps. Alternatively, you could purchase regular chips, cheese crisps or seaweed and eat them with a spicy dip that has either been purchased at a store or made at home.

Staying cool during the hot summer months is not just about personal comfort. Getting too hot could results in dizziness, heat stroke, dehydration and/or other health problems. If you are concerned about staying cool and keeping your family cool, be sure to not only take common sense precautions such as wearing light clothing and avoiding going out in the heat of the day but also eating cooling foods. While there are many such foods to pick from, the options outlined above are known to be some of the best. What is more, most of these foods not only keep the body cool but also offer great health benefits that you will not want to miss.