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Keeping Up With New Party Food Ideas

Predictions, lists, and trends. It can be tough to keep up with the latest in what's happening in the culinary world. If you are interested in changing up your repertoire when it comes to party food ideas, dinners, and party snack recipes, then you may struggle to track what's happening, or have a hard time sorting through what will work for you. You may even wonder if it matters.

There is no need to follow the latest trends in anything. But if you enjoy reinventing yourself, or at least your recipes, then why not pay attention to the experts. Sometimes it's good to shake things up a bit, keep up, and yes, even to impress guests.

If you are happy with your routine, that's great, but perhaps some of these predictions and notes on the latest trends could inspire you.

Lifestyle trends

First, let's separate the list of trending food from trending lifestyles. There are lists and predictions when it comes to both. The lifestyle food trends are broader shifts in how people are dining these days. In this list from, such shifts are described as "redefining health", "eating alone", and "nutritional insiders". These indicators tell us that what people look for, how they prepare food, and even who we eat with.

One of these trends did catch our eye because it address the types of food people are looking for. When it comes to new party food ideas, finger foods seem to be a stand-out. IFT says 5 of the best-selling new foods were bite-sized or hand-held. This wasn't limited to sweets, it included some savory delights. So for your next party, try serving courses that include small dishes that can be eaten by hand. We've said it often – there's nothing like the simplicity of popping an appetizer right into your mouth.

the-new-favorite-300x286.jpgFood Trends

Here are some other food trends predicted by Cooking Light that may make their way into your pantry, refrigerator, or party spread:

  • Powdered versions of favorites like coconut water and chia seeds.
  • Grains, like quinoa, have gained popularity. Expect to see them in unexpected places, like sweet snacks and energy bars.
  • Vegetables will begin to take on more of a starring role. Flavors will be bolder, and the bitter players, like Brussels sprouts and kale, will really shine.
  • Ramen Noodles grow in popularity – and not just amongst the college set. These Japanese faves get an upgrade.
  • The focus will be on buns (the burger kind). You may be seeing more of a choice in restaurants, including gluten-free rice buns, spicy jalapeno buns and more.

There are other predictions, like pickled veggies and fit popcorn that may also reach the height of popularity. Whatever the forecast and the trend, find the newest party food ideas that fit your dining and entertaining style.