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Kick Off Summer With Fresh Seafood Appetizer Recipes

The days begin to warm, and the nights follow suit as summer lays ahead. While the thermometer in your home town may not be screaming summer is almost here, today's celebration of Victoria Day in Canada and next week's Memorial Day holiday in the US signal the coming of summer. What better way to greet the season than with fresh seafood appetizer recipes at your next gathering?

As things heat up, people enjoy lighter fare. With doctors recommending we add more seafood to our diet, serving up a taste of the ocean should be the wave of the summer. Thoughts of the sand and the surf call to us this time of year. But, if a trip to the shore isn't on your agenda, take a little trip with bite-sized seafood treats.

light-and-fresh-from-the-sea-300x234.jpgSeafood safety

You may worry that serving seafood can be tricky. After all, it needs to be fresh and kept cool. With proper planning, and proper handling, you have nothing to worry about. Once you've determined your menu of seafood appetizer recipes, do your shopping no more than one or two days before the event. Keep everything refrigerated immediately after preparing, and serve on chilled platters or over ice.

Here's a great product to protect cold items from Tropix.

(For information on the safe purchasing and handling of seafood, read these important tips from the FDA.)

Great ideas

You may not want to serve seafood exclusively, but your next party should have a variety of seafood dishes for people to choose. We found several unique recipes that includes several types of shellfish and a fish dip.

First up are these Coconut-Poached Shrimp Tostadas. The combination of shrimp, pineapple and guacamole is refreshing.

Next, put these Mini Lobster Rolls out and watch them disappear.

Round out the shellfish selection with these Mini Asian Crab Cakes, these bite-sized morsels are easy to eat and have a bit of kick from Wasabi.

Have guests that are allergic to shellfish? Here's a Smoked Salmon Dip that is simple, yet delicious.

You may also get adventurous and want to fry up your own homemade fish-sticks, or grill skewers of shrimp or sturdy, meaty swordfish. The nice thing about fresh seafood is that simple marinades or seasoning is all you need to complete the dish. No overpowering spices or sauces needed – let the taste of the seafood shine through.

sail-into-summer-300x221.jpgThe accompaniment

The best thing to serve with your fresh seafood appetizers are crisp white wines or light cocktails.

Shellfish pairs well with light selections like Vouvray, Champagne, even off-dry Gewurztraminer.

White fish calls for a White Burgundy (made from Chardonnay.) According to foodandwine, salmon, while typically served with white wine, works well with a lighter red like Pinot Noir.

As for cocktails, there are really no recommended pairings, but if people don't care for wine, serve a light, refreshing adult beverage like this "Afterglow".

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1 ounce Cointreau
  • Splash of lavender syrup
  • Blackberry garnish
  • Pour first 3 ingredients in an ice filled shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with blackberry

So pop a tasty bit of seafood into your mouth and close your eyes. Imagine you hear the sound of the surf, smell the salt water mixed with the scent of sunscreen, and feel your toes in the wet sand. Welcome summer.