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Baked Snacks Provide a Sweet Twist on Desserts

So many of us are trying to be healthy, and it isn't easy with all the tasty temptations out there. There is good news, though. Baked snacks can help relieve the guilt without losing the crunch and the flavor, even when it comes to making dessert.

That's right! There are some items that, when used with a little creativity, can turn your sweet treats into something special. Frankly, I can't imagine anything better than a dessert made with a fresh baked item, can you?

From a simple kids treat, a twist on a traditional favorite, or a sweet dessert with flair sure to impress, there are recipes to entice you. The key ingredient is SweetSticks from John Wm. Macy's Cheesesticks that will add just the right, light crunch.

The Basics

It's hot outside, the kids want a sweet treat, but the last thing you want is for them to be eating heavy ice cream. Try pulling out the SweetSticks Frozen Banana Pops and watch the smiles light up the kids faces. This is all you need:

4 ripe bananas

8 wooden Popsicle sticks

½ cup of honey

1 1/3 cups finely crushed John Wm. Macy's Dutch Chocolate SweetSticks

You cut the bananas crosswise, insert the Popsicle stick and freeze for 30 minutes on wax-paper lined tray.

Next you spoon about 1 Tablespoon of honey over each banana, rotating to coat all sides.

Then, roll the banana in crushed SweetSticks crumbs and return to wax paper and freeze for at least 15 minutes.

So simple! You can serve them right away, or place them in a freezer bag for later.

The Classic

There's that saying, "It's as American as Apple Pie". Well how about treating your family to a good old fashioned cookout, topped off with a twist on that traditional dessert? Crunchy Java Cinnamon Sticks Apple Pie is a great way to have everyone asking "what a great pie, but what's different about it?"

You may tell them that it's the raisins, or you can reveal that the secret is in adding the John Wm. Macy's Java Cinnamon SweetSticks to the pie, as well as crushing some to sprinkle on top.

The Unique

Planning a dinner party to impress? Why not top it off with a dessert that's light, fruity, but not your ho-hum finale. It's the Simple Dutch Chocolate Raspberry Parfait recipe, and it's made with a baked snack treat!

Close your eyes and imagine the taste of mousse made from chocolate, raspberries, honey, mint, and a dash of Cognac. Now think about how your palette will come alive when you add the delicate crunch of Dutch Chocolate SweetSticks crushed and layered in the chocolate-raspberry mousse. Simply add a SweetStick for dipping and you have a dessert that's fun to eat and tastes like a dream.

In the end, a dessert that's made for the kids, for the family and friends, or even the business associates or special guests can be easy. When you use fruit, and a baked snack like John Wm. Macy's SweetSticks, they can also be tempting, light, and delicious.