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Entertaining Ideas with Healthy Snacks

The invitations have been sent. The guest list is set. In a few hours your guests will arrive and you'll serve gourmet snacks. You know they deserve healthy snacks.

You want to make sure the foods you serve are healthy, hearty and will make your guests happy. Here are three ideas to make your next event as healthy as it can be.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

It's no secret a lot of the food we eat is loaded with unhealthy fat and sugar. Our bodies are showing the consequences of such food abuse. Let's choose healthy snacks!

When you're selecting the food for your party, think about your guests. They deserve to eat well. Start with serving fruits and vegetables.

  • Think color. The color of your fruits and vegetables matters. There's a reason why the fruit rainbow approach is so popular. Select red, green, blue, and yellow fruits and vegetables. You could even make a game of it with your guests.
  • Think texture. All of us enjoy fine healthy and gourmet foods in different ways. Think of how you identify a particular food, say a tomato. Do you notice the sweet taste? Do you first notice the texture?
  • Entertainment idea: identify if the textures in the food you're serving are crispy, tender, tough, smooth, creamy, chewy, oily, fatty or greasy. Then set your table to take advantage of the variety of textures you'll serve.

Group like textures together. Or, surround each texture with unlike textures. You'll find yourself paying more attention to the texture of food.

Have-a-Healthy-Heart-300x199.jpg2. Skip the Dip

Dips are fun. They're also typically heavy in mayonnaise, sour cream and salt.

Think your favorite dressing is a better alternative? Most dressings - like Ranch and Bleu Cheese - contain high amounts of fat, sodium and sugar.

But, here's the thing. We're used to eating heavy, sugary foods.

So is our waistline. It makes sense we expect our fruits and vegetables to appeal to our practically ruined pallets.

Read This. There's an article from the UK's Dailymail, The good Salad Dressing Guide. It discusses the idea not all salad dressing is created equal. also has an article you should read, New Research Reveals Fat Content in Salad Dressing Affects Absorption of Nutrients.

make-olive-oil-dip-bread.jpgSavor the Herbs

  • Think mustard. Mustard is typically lower in calories and sugar when compared to dips, dressings or ketchup. Add your favorite spices and herbs with your mustard for the extra kick.
  • Think oil and vinegar.
  • It's easy to want to butter your bread. Butter is fine in very small qualities; however, oil and vinegar are far more beneficial for you.
  • Be sure to choose the right Extra Virgin Olive Oil to maximize the healthy benefits. Wikihow has an article on How to Choose Olive Oil.

Entertainment idea: serve your favorite olive oil on a plate. Add your favorite spices like crushed red peppers, oregano and basil. Try your hand and add olive oil to your gourmet snack recipe collection.

Here's to your next entertaining event – happy and heart healthy!