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Treat Yourself to Gourmet Snacks For a Well-Deserved Break

Routines are good. They keep life simple and easy. They can also begin to feel so blah. So next time you reach for your routine doughnuts and coffee, consider a gourmet snack instead.

Picture this – you're sitting at your desk, or you've just completed a load of household chores and you're in need of a break. Instead of automatically pouring a cup of joe, then mindlessly chomping on some unhealthy or boring piece of food – you reach for snack nirvana – John Wm. Macy's SweetSticks. Why not make this dream come true? You deserve it!

Elevate your mood with a tasty "time out"
SweetSticks are literally a twist on the usual dunking item. Forget Biscotti with it's bland, tooth-breaking texture. This is a delicate, baked delight made from sourdough and it comes in three tantalizing flavors:

  • Dutch Chocolate – I know I can never go too long without something chocolatey!
  • Java Cinnamon – Who needs flavored coffee creamers when you have this to accompany your mug?
  • Madagascar Vanilla – Dream of days-end with the rich flavor.

Have no fear, if you aren't a coffee connoisseur, SweetSticks play well with others. Don't you think that teas, hot chocolate, and especially water could benefit from a friend like Java Cinnamon? While you may not opt to dunk, a little crispy crunch could provide the wake-up and the flavor you need after each sip.
You can keep a combo pack in your desk or pantry for just such an occasion.

Be a Team Player

23-04-2014_1205_170.pngSweetSticks may be perfect for that "me time", but wait, they can be so much more. Here's another scenario. You're headed to a meeting in the conference room, or you're hosting a morning book club at your home. Simply toss out a dish, or maybe even a lovely glass of SweetSticks to share.

Think about the appreciative glances you'll receive. They'll be thinking –" yay! not bagels or cookies – finally something different and special." You could earn yourself a reputation for being a creative thinker! This is where a handy combo 12-pack would be ideal.

Not a Rookie

As you munch on your twists, think about this tidbit – these are seasoned players. These amazing twists of flavor are the result of a labor of love. Sweetsticks, along with their cousin CheeseSticks are the brain-children of John Wm. Macy. Developed in 1984, these gourmet snacks were launched onto the scene as a unique alternative to the typical "treat".

Extend the Game

It's amazing what a small treat can do to motivate you for the rest of the day. At day's end, you may think back on that get-away you had with your Dutch Chocolate Sweetstick and yearn once again for that flavor, that crunch. Grab a bowl of ice cream, or pudding, and re-live that special gourmet snack moment. You deserve it!