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What Everybody Ought to Know About Food Presentation

vino1-300x180.pngIt's a feast for the eyes. The art. The atmosphere. The appetizers. We've all attended such an affair - a black tie art gallery opening, an exclusive wine tasting event. The occasions are elegant and to be treasured.

The art curator takes gentle care in selection and presentation of the works. The sommelier is just as careful in the choosing of the wine. The gourmet chef shares this sentiment.

There's a certain expectation when you're attending an art gallery event or visiting your wine club. You expect crowd-pleasing baked gourmet snacks - and certainly not fried.

You want your guests to enjoy themselves and to enjoy pleasurable gourmet snacks. So, how can you ensure that your art gallery soirée or your wine tasting event is successful?

iStock_000004355610XSmall-150x150.jpgThe key is to think as your audience thinks. How do you imagine they would enjoy the evening? Imagine your guests discussing the art. Imagine your guests walking through the food line. Imagine your guests tasting the wine.

Here are a few tips on how to make your next event successful:

1. Combine authentic art with authentic gourmet snacks. You wouldn't expect to see greasy potato chips with a fine Merlot. Unthinkable. Gourmet snacks reinforce the elegance of your distinguished event.

2. Pair your wine with John Wm Macy's CheeseSticks. With the help of sommelier recommendations and numerous tastings, we've done the heavy lifting. Careful pairing compliments the look, smell and the taste of the wine. Perfect pairing excites the senses. Our wine pairings can be found on our website.

Brunch-3.png3. Presentation matters. Anticipation is at the heart of food presentation. Studies have shown that a little anticipation goes a long way in enjoyment. So keep the presentation simple, colorful (2-3 colors if on a plate) and remember that the type of dish matters.

CheeseSticks lend themselves to a variety of presentation options. Serve them in clothed breadbaskets, on large white plates or on relish dishes. There's a certain expectation when it comes to food presentation. The presentation of gourmet snacks is an art.

4. Photograph your event. Taking pictures of the art gallery or wine tasting helps your guests relive their special evening. It also reminds the guests who didn't show what an evening they missed. Your images give you publicity beyond the follow-up thank you for attending email.

5. Don't forget the publicity! Put the images on your website, blogs and share them through your favorite social media properties. Add the images to your Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you're a foodie, then share your memories with other foodies. Remember, images always catch your audience's attention.

The art curator, sommelier and gourmet chef produce remarkable works of art. We believe that food is art and it nourishes both the body and the soul. Our gourmet snacks are twice baked with the same care and attention employed by a sommelier, an art curator or a gourmet chef.

Choose CheeseSticks and let's make your next event a pure delight.


Interested in learning more about food presentation? Here's a quick video for your enjoyment.