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Who Else Wants to Discover Their Perfect Snack?

Blog-2-Image-1-300x241.pngUnderstanding how to create a special gathering is an art. It's not only about what you serve, but how you serve it. John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, and SweetSticks are the perfect gourmet and baked snack answer for the "Which appetizer to serve?" question.

John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks

Food lovers, wine, and professional event planners alike, rejoice with our award-winning twisted CheeseSticks! Reward your taste buds with any or all five delicious flavors including Original Cheddar, Melting Parmesan, Garlic Romano, Dijon Swiss or Cheddar & Scallion CheeseSticks.

Which is your favorite? Are you in the mood for aged sharp cheddar & Asiago? Maybe the hot-blooded Italian in you is craving Romano cheese blended with a touch of crushed garlic and basil.

Blog-2-Wine-CS-220x300.pngPerhaps you simply enjoy the gentle combinations of Swiss and Gruyere cheeses with Dijon mustard for those with subtler, European tastes. Or for those with a little taste for spice, the gentle "bite" of cayenne that finishes our ever-popular Original Cheddar CheeseSticks is probably just the ticket for you.

No matter your favorite, you'll want to share the perfect crunch with your friends. Give the gift of all-natural and twice-baked goodness.

Our beautifully packaged CheeseSticks make perfect gift baskets and make exquisite appetizer pairings with many different types and varietals of wine. No matter what your favorite flavor, we're sure to make your taste buds happy.

John Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps

Blog-2-CheeseCrisps-300x161.pngWith our appetizer-ready, bite-sized CheeseCrisps the world takes a turn for the square. In 1988 New York's Grand Hyatt Hotel needed a new bar snack.

They called John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks to come up with something having the same great crunch and flavor as his CheeseSticks.

In a moment of pure inspiration, John realized the discarded pieces of rich, cheesy dough could be the start of something big. He rolled out this leftover material, added even more divinely aged cheeses and seasonings, cut it into bite-sized squares and baked it twice. VoilĂ - the popularity of John Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps.

We call CheeseCrisps the perfect healthy snack food for foodies. We offer four great CheeseCrisps varieties:

The CheeseCrisps' square shape also makes an excellent foundation for an extraordinary variety of mouthwatering appetizer creations, limited only by your imagination.

John Wm. Macy's SweetSticks

Blog-2-SweetSticks-300x200.pngOur SweetSticks are made to take your dessert experience to another level. Indulge that foodie sweet tooth with a dessert snack that is both wholesome and delicious.

Choose from our Madagascar Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, and Java Cinnamon SweetSticks or try all three.

They are amazing for teatime, coffee break or a light, quick dessert, but can also add a special twist to your favorite ice cream. You can even make a "to die for" SweetSticks pie crust! As always, we bake the SweetSticks twice to "the perfect crunch!"

Our Madagascar Vanilla SweetSticks combine fresh sourdough, mild Monterey Jack cheese, sweetened butter and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for a pure yumminess that's hard to beat.

In the mood for a little bit of chocolate? Wrap your taste buds around our popular Dutch Chocolate SweetSticks. We're sure you'll enjoy the delicious combination of sourdough, mild Monterey Jack cheese, sweetened butter and Dutch cocoa.

And ohh, the mouth-watering taste of cinnamon. Add sourdough, mild Monterey Jack cheese and sweetened cinnamon butter and you've met our Java Cinnamon SweetSticks.

Gift Tins

Blog-2-Image-5-Gift-Tins-300x204.pngMeeting with friends for an evening of gossip, food and wine? When you need a tasty gift that is both elegant and delicious, our CheeseCrisps Gift Tins fit the bill, inside and out.

Gift Tins are perfect for parties, gifts, holidays, thank-yous and to share around the office.

CheeseCrisps Gift Tins say that you care, and they say it with style and uniqueness.

Look for John Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps Gift Tins online and at select specialty retailers.