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Go Global With Party Finger Food

Do you feel as though you've settled into a rut when it comes to entertaining? It's easy to prepare the old standbys for your next gathering. But consider being more adventurous and whip up globally inspired party finger food.

The "around the world" theme is nothing new, but when done with a little flair, it can feel like a special adventure without leaving your home town. Whether you like the subtle approach, or the all-out affair, there are some easy ways to achieve an international feel.

Setting the tone

I like it when I have something to get excited about. Knowing that I'm headed for an event that is different, or has a certain "theme" creates a welcome anticipation. Consider creating that excitement by sending an invitation, or an Evite that lets guests know it will be an international affair.

Some other ideas that could create a global atmosphere are:

  • Play a collection of music from the various countries you will have represented in the food. Here's a site where you can listen for free to international stations. Live365
  • Have separate tables, or spaces for each country's party finger food. Identify each item so people know what they're eating! You can print out cards with the names and brief descriptions of each item. If you're up to it, use that country's flag in the corner of each card so guests know "where" they are.
  • Decorate the tables with items representing each country, like maracas, chopsticks, or use dishes that go with the locales.

If you want to take it a step further, subtly decorate your home with maps, globes, pictures, or objects from around the world.

Selecting the menu

shop-the-unusual-265x300.jpgYou may decide to stick with food from one country, but it's best to choose at least 5 different countries for you party finger food menu. You can go with some of the obvious, like Italy, Japan, or Mexico, but throw in a few places that will surprise people. Think about India, Africa, or Russia.

Here are some simple recipes representing those cultures:

Africa: Try some Tunisian Harissa, a condiment that has kick. Spread it on flat-bread. Also, whip up a Moroccan Tuna Brik, a fried party finger food made with tuna, capers and phyllo dough.

India: The Vegetable Samosa is a tasty treat. Check out this recipe from Indian Food Forever. The lively blend of seasonings like ginger, coriander, chili powder, when mixed with raisins, cashews, and peas create a unique taste.

Russia: This will warm you up- prepare some Russian Meatballs in Vodka! Serve with some ice-cold shots of Stoli and you'll get the party going.


dont-forget-global-favorites-300x213.jpgDon't forget the drinks! Let your friends sip on some of these delights from around the world. Some have alcohol, and there are many choices that are alcohol free as well. There's the Italian Bellini, the Brazilian Caipirinha, Indian Lassi, and the Ethiopian Tej. See the rest of this list of beverage recipes from whats4eats.


What’s a trip without a souvenir? Print out a list of the various party food recipes you prepared. Guests can recreate any global favorites, and be reminded of what a great host you are.

So if you don’t have the means, or the time to travel right now, have a little getaway with friends. Serve up some international treats and enjoy the trip.